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Common Abused Drugs in Limerick

Commonly Abused Drugs

When you suspect an employee of drug abuse, the first step in prevention is to identify what substances, if any, they may be abusing. ARCpoint Labs of Limerick offers drug testing for commonly abused drugs, including:


Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances. While many adults consume alcohol responsibly, there is a large group of teens and adults who over-consume and even binge drink.

  • Men who average 2 drinks or more and women who average 1 or more per day are defined as heavy or binge drinkers.
  • The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, defines binge drinking as repetitive alcohol consumption that elevates blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels to 0.08% or more. Men who binge drink typically consume 5 or more drinks in about two hours; for women the number is 4 or more drinks in a single sitting.

See more information about Alcohol Abuse from the CDC.
At ARCpoint Labs of Limerick, we can test for alcohol abuse with oral fluid drug tests and breath alcohol tests.


Despite evolving laws that have legalized marijuana in certain states, cities and contexts, marijuana is still a federal controlled substance and considered illegal under federal law. ARCpoint Labs of Limerick tests for marijuana through urine testing, hair drug tests, fingernail drug tests, sweat patch testing and oral fluid tests.


Methamphetamine is a larger problem in some areas of the country than others. It’s a growing problem in small-town America. Because of the accessibility of over-the-counter drugs and other “drug store” items used to make meth, our country faces a growing problem of this homemade drug.

ARCpoint Labs of Limerick offers testing solutions for both marijuana and meth: urine testing, hair drug tests, fingernail drug tests, sweat patch drug tests and oral fluid drug tests.

Prescription Drugs

Controlled substances are just as deadly as street drugs when they’re abused, and the problem affects celebrities and everyday people alike, and it can affect your workforce. There’s a false sense that anyone, not just the patient, can take prescribed drugs safely, but in fact prescription drug overdoses are common. If you are concerned about prescription drug abuse, trust ARCpoint Labs of Limerick for accurate, timely prescription drug testing results.

Synthetic Drugs and Bath Salts

“Fake” drugs include synthetic versions of street drugs such as marijuana (fake pot) and household items that are misused for their drug like effects, such as bath salts. These substances are outlawed by the DEA, but their relative newness and over-the-counter availability in some places make them a drug abuse target among teens and adults. Trust ARCpoint Labs of Limerick for accurate synthetic drug testing.

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